1988 Catalina Capri 18

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Capri 18
Hull material
Daysailer 2
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Catalina Capri 18 1988

1988 Catalina Capri 18

This is the perfect trailerable sailboat for a family or couple. We are very disappointed to have to get rid of her so soon (we purchased the boat only last year) but a new baby and a knee injury mean that we need to find a good home for this perfect little boat. This Capri 18 is VERY clean, no bad smells, and comes with a complete set of cabin cushions that can be arranged to make the entire area below deck one flat bed. Boat has a surprising amount of room both in the cabin and the cockpit. Sails are original and in good condition. See photos. Rigging is also original (except for new headstay, included) and is mostly in good condition, though a couple of stays have started to fray. Boat has some minor corrosion from spending the first part of its life in San Diego, though boat was cared for exceptionally well by original owners and only rarely exposed to sea air. Again, see photos. Electrical panel is currently non-functional because there is no battery, though it's repairable by someone with the proper knowledge. We have battery powered lights for potential night operations that will be included as well as other extras such as life preservers, floatation cushions, anchor, extra lines, a grease gun for the trailer lugs, etc. etc. Includes trailer with tounge extension, though I've never had to use the extension on standard ramps as the draft of the keel is so shallow. Also includes a 1995 Evinrude 4hp outboard which has started on the two occasions we've needed it. We love this boat for its stabilty and comfort. It's rare to have a trailerable keel boat that can be launched easily from most any ramp. The Capri 18's regularly make ocean voyages to the Channel Islands off of California and other similar destinations. It's perfectly at home in any lake environment, even in heavy weather. Check out these owner reviews: https://catalina.sailboatowners.com/reviews.php?mid=97&model=Capri-18 Happy to answer any questions you might have and provide any additional photos that would be helpful. Looking forward to finding this Capri 18 a great new home! Hull type: Wing Keel Boat weight: 1500 lbs. Ballast Weight: 425 lbs. Draft: 2.33 ft. Link to complete specs: https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/capri-18-catalina

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