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Take, for example, Regal Marine Industries, new 24-foot FasDeck. When you look at a still photo of the FasDeck you see a craft that has easily planed with a stern drive skimming along, looking as if it was part of the ocean, rather than just a craft riding on it.

We don't know if you know what the term organic means when it applies to material things like cars, trucks, boats or airplanes, but, in each case it the object looks as if it grew out of the area right there and seems just right.

The FasDeck is such a craft. Its smooth surfaces seem to flow from the high, bowrider prow through the rounded windshield and sides to the cockpit where the skipper's seat is off to to starboard and a port passenger's seat is available behind the rounded windshield that features a walkthrough to the bowrider seats. Just to the rear of the skipper and front passenger's seats is a high-backed rear seat and the engine compartment with the swimmer's deck to the rear.

The 24-foot FasDeck, using Regal's patented FasTrac hull, is a sleek craft. The company's testing has shown the hull design not only means an increase in speed, but also an increase in fuel economy. Their testing has shown a 30 percent increase in fuel use.

Looking at the overall layout of the 24-foot FasDeck, you can easily see it was designed with families in mind because it has a deck-boat layout but the performance of a sport-boat. You could call it a Sport Utility Boat (SUB), that, in fact, Regal does.

The new FasDeck features a longer and wider cockpit than Regal's former top-of-the-line model. Like the former model, the FasDeck has an exclusive UltraLounge aft bench, just ahead of the swimming deck area and the aft bench can easily convert to a flat sun-pad. Interestingly the sun-pad has been integrated into the cockpit area. The aft portion, the company has noted, lifts into a two-position lounger that faces forward.

The new FasDeck has a cockpit that is 11 inches longer and six inches wider than the former model.

Other interesting features include a fiberglass dash that features French-stitched vinyl wrap. The dash is color-coordinated. One of the features you will find valuable is a multi-functional touch-screen monitor that can provide you with:

Engine dataPerformance informationDepthProgrammable speed control Chart plotting GPSEngine faults in plain language (a large advance over cryptic codes)

One option to think about is Regal's PowerTower, a feature that enhances the 24 FasDeck's flexibility. It features an all-in-one navigation light and sport pylon that you can equip with optional board racks and speakers. This makes the 24 FasDeck ready for any water sport. The PowerTower is electrically activated and can be lowered with a button touch so that getting into boathouses, dry storage or under a bridge very simple. It also enhances trailering and garaging.

Available with plenty of storage and the stern-mounted swim platform getting into the water easy.

Finally, the 24 FasDeck features a fully enclosed head that includes a sink and fresh-water. Maximum capacity of the 24 FasDeck is 11 persons and its overall length is just over 24 feet with a beam of nearly 9 feet.