2013 Manitou 22 Encore Pro Angle...

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22 Encore Pro Angler
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Manitou 22 Encore Pro Angler 2013

2013 Manitou 22 Encore Pro Angle...

Manitou is the premier of all pontoon boats. This boat average retail today is $44K, this is a steal. This boat has it ALL! Sport Handling Package ("SHP") which has a larger 27" center toon and 25" outer toons and lifting strakes on all toons allowing the boat to turn on a dime. Has a 225HP high output Evinrude strong enough to run 42+mph and pull an adult on a wake board or a load of teenagers on the tube. This boat will sling the kids while it is also set up for fishing if you like. Has a GPS spot lock trolling motor that will hold you and 3 or 4 other boats tied to you within a 5' circle all day if you are hanging out in a cove. Comfortably will seat 8, center toon interior storage for life jackets, noodles, has 2 live wells that also can be used as coolers, 4 captains swivel and reclining chairs, changing pop up station for the ladies. Has stereo system with 4 speakers, USB ports for your music, HDS 7" Lowrance depth finder, side scan, GPS tracking. SERIOUS buyers only.

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