1984 Catalina 36

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Catalina 36 1984

1984 Catalina 36

1984 cruiser, owned by one family for 25 years in Astoria, Oregon, taken for annual trips up Columbia River. Followed by single owner, live-aboard for the last 10 years, maintained and taken on trips up to Desolation Sound, the San Juans, weekend trips to Port Townsend, and as frequent as possible, in season, fishing and crabbing around Puget sound - the boat has been wonderful and reliable, and actually great for a baby, but too much for a single mom and toddler. Interior full of warm teak cabinetry. Over the last decade: taken out every 2-3 years for redoing the bottom paint, the last 2 cycles have included top-rated paints (most recent in October 2018) - with no need for fiberglass repair of the hull during haul-outs; routine zinc replacements. Last 2 years have included upgrades including new dodger and full bimini and replacement of head and plumping in Spring 2019. This boat sails smoothly, never had any problems with motor, batteries, or sails; the head sail is full Genoa, have full, in great shape colorful spinnaker. Two full-size batteries for differed use when sailing to prevent draining starter battery. Ready to sell / has obvious signs of age, and I no longer have the spare time to maintain, let alone use and take advantage of this beautiful sailboat named, "For the Shire," though when sailing on a day with a good wind, we call her the "Whistling Wizard."

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