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From the simplest of the line, the 190, all the way up to the 370, with the exception of the 320 Cuddy, of course, you can still tell that these are Whalers.

However, they are Whalers with differences that range from their deep-Vee hulls to their multi-step overall design to their fixed roofs, you can see that this line was built with sailor who isn't afraid to get well out of the sight of land while chasing sport fish.

The Outrage line consists of the:

*190 Outrage*220 Outrage*250 Outrage*280 Outrage*320 Outrage*380 Outrage

The line is still readily identifiable as a made by Whaler. The console controls are still amidships, but that's about the only thing that has remained the same on these craft.

Each one, but the 190, features a fixed roof and pole holders and at least ont of them looks as if it were designed with steps in mid as it steps from the stern transom and engines to the seating area in the hull.

Key to the change in the Outrage line, is the pilot house effect. As you move up he line, each Outrage, which features dual console seating, as well as bench seating in the rear, sports what might be considered a pilot house as the side windows grow backward into full pilot house style colse areas. It's not each one that this change has happened ot, but the upper end of the line.