2018 Supreme S224

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Supreme S224 2018

2018 Supreme S224

1 owner 2018 supreme S224 - 6.0l 409hp with 410ft of torque - 95 hours (will increase a bit until sold) - Trailered weight 5000 lbs. - Includes pictured Extreme Trailer with spare tire - Has full canvas cover - 2000lbs of ballast - fits 11 people - all plug and play ballest are included - quick surf with touch screen - GPS and Zero Off for wake surfing - Wake Tower (octo tower) the has assited lift and lower, has swivel wake board racks - IGL Ceramic Coating on exeritor of boat (costs $2200). This is a hydrophobic coating to protect the gel coat. Done by professionals https://iglcoatings.com/product/ecocoat-marine/ - Factory warranty will transfer to new owner (example: engine is 5 years 600 hours, among other items) - Gator Step on edge of boat for non-slip entry and exit - Although I did not purchase speakers for the tower, they are prewired so having some point in would be easy. - Clarion Radio with Sirius XM Supreme’s S224 is a 22.5 v-drive wake, surf and ski boat that offers space for 11 riders and their gear, but comes in a manageable tow size. This affordable premium towboat is built entirely through the environmentally-friendly Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP). A strong, consistent performer, the S224 handles like a dream even when loaded to ride, thanks to its Modified Deep-v hull.

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