2019 Moomba Max

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Moomba Max 2019

2019 Moomba Max

At almost 23 feet long, the Moomba® Max is definitely going bigger. With massive storage and seating space and 3,000 lbs of standard ballast, the Max will prove that your most thrilling ride can also be your most comfortable. This boat is an incredible boat and treated my family and me well, all Summer long. The high lake water early in the summer kept us off the lake for the first few weekends and then normal planned summer trips kept us off the lake later in the summer, which is why the boat only has 23 hours. I washed this boat twice every time we took it out. Once before hitting the water and once when I took it off the water. The boat has 3,000 pounds of ballast and kicks up a sweet wave/wake. This boat is super clean and was always stored in a completely enclosed stall at Aaspen Boat and RV Storage. This boat was purchased, maintained and winterized at David's Watersports. I have attached a photo of all of the options, which totaled up to just over $17k. If you have any questions at all, please ask. I bought this boat for my family and kids to learn how to wakeboard and surf, but divorce has forced my hand on selling my dreamboat. My loss is your gain, but I will not entertain low ball offers. Has 7 Year Warranty on Engine and Drive Train.

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