2013 MB F24 Tomcat

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F24 Tomcat
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MB F24 Tomcat 2013

2013 MB F24 Tomcat

This 2013 MB Sports F24 Tomcat 24-Foot Wakeboard and Surf Watersports Tow Boat looks fantastic and has a lot to offer! You will not find a nicer boat for the money that can match everything this Tomcat F24 has to offer. It has a gorgeous black, purple and silver color scheme that really looks amazing and it gets so many compliments from everyone that sees it! Powering this beautiful boat is a 410-horsepower Indmar V8 that effortlessly pulls this boat out of the water and onto plane quickly even in tight corners or when loaded down with people and/or ballast it has no problem towing multiple tubes, skiers, or boarders! The boat offers an incredible 2,400-lbs of factory hard tank ballast with quick fill system that does not use any ballast pumps. Very simple design allows quick fill and drain of the ballast and will provide hassle free operation! The wake this boat produces is wonderful no matter your skill level or your watersport of choice! Thanks in part to the Pickle-Fork Bow design, this F24 has a massive amount of room on board including comfortably fitting multiple families plus gear, snacks, drinks for a full day of fun on the water. It has a gorgeous billet aluminum wakeboard tower with swivel board racks that is easily collapsible for lower profile storage. The dash controls and cockpit is outfitted with matching billet style accents and has Zero Off GPS Cruise Control for rock solid steady passes on the water which makes learning and perfecting your water sports skills much easier! The 900-watt sound system pumps out crisp, clear audio and it has Bluetooth Streaming as well as Satellite Radio capabilities so you won’t have any problems bringing your favorite tunes out on the water with you. This Tomcat offers heater air vents to keep passengers warm and comfortable if it gets cooler out at night. This boat is a great combination of performance, technology and style. You simply will not find a better boat with the room and wake quality for anywhere close to this price! The boat and trailer have been fully inspected and are 100% mechanically perfect. If you have any questions or are considering a trade, please call us anytime at (715) 797-0414.

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