2017 Islander 55

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Islander 55 2017

2017 Islander 55

The vessel is a timeless, elegant, gorgeous, seaworthy, very fast, 40-passenger, "12-meter" cutter sailboat. Her design by Bruce King is based upon a 1907 full keel design intended for the 1908 Olympic competition and subsequent Olympian racing, and America's Cup competitions beginning in 1958. She displaces 19 tons yet will effortlessly sail at 9 knots in 15 knots of wind -- with 34 passengers on deck. Her PHRF racing rating is 72 (same as a J-35 racing sailboat). Her speed is derived from a waterline which extends from 36 feet to approximately 50 feet when she heels in a breeze. She was completely rebuilt to U.S. Coast Guard commercial specifications from 2014 to 2017. Her hull was built in 1974 by Islander Yachts of Costa Mesa, California. Her hull is hand-laid fiberglass with a thickness of 1.5 inches. Islander Yachts built three Islander 55's then sold the mold for the hull to nearby Tradewinds (a dozen Tradewinds 55's were built). The Islander 55 was a gorgeous 12-meter -- with long ends and a flush deck. The Tradewinds 55 had the same hull -- but with a less attractive center cockpit deckhouse. Senator Teddy Kennedy owned "Curragh", an Islander 55 (formerly "Charisma"). Eros, another Islander 55, circumnavigated the globe twice. The Beach Boys owned a Tradewinds 55 -- which served as both sailboat and floating recording studio. The vessel's mast belonged to former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Sir Edward Heath. The mast was built by Proctor Masts of England. The vessel was completely gutted and re-built from 2014 to 2017 -- again, to U.S. Coast Guard commercial T-Boat specifications. She has a 2017 U.S. Coast Guard COI (Certificate of Inspection) for 40 passengers -- 34 passengers on deck. She comfortably accommodates 34 passengers on deck. Her interior is designed to accommodate caterers, has a spacious galley and head, has a commodious stateroom with two double beds, has two single quarter berths aft, and the interior seats 22 passengers (note that the interior can easily accommodate 34 passengers). All systems, except the engine, are new. The engine, a Perkins 4-236, has only 400 original hours and has only been in freshwater (Lakes Erie, Huron and Michigan). Use her for private charters and public sails. Then retire aboard her and sail to the South Pacific!

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