A seven-model line, the Outrage not only shows you the traditional Whaler values of the smaller powerboat with the simple center console and then brings it all the way up to a 37-foot overnighter that seems to be the ultimate expression of the Whaler lineup. The Outrage line up consists of the:

-- 190 Outrage-- 220 Outrage -- 250 Outrage-- 279 Outrage-- 320 Outrage Whaler/Whaler Cuddy-- 370 Outrange

190 Outrage

Why Whaler chose this outrageout monicker for this 19-footer, it shows just where the company things it is headed with its deepwater, offshore fishers.

The 190 shows the classic styling of the original Whaler in a craft that still only draws a foot or less of water. This model, which incorporates an ultra-modern deep-V hull has 22 inches of interior freeboard and a 60-gallon fuel tank. This makes it a tough combination to beat is she can serve as a fisherman or can be a party boat, thanks to the new electronics packages available. Or, if you just are cruising around. the 190 is a very flexible outboard that can be used as a skiboat with her 25-inch overall transom height.

Although she comes in at just under 19 feet (18-feet-10), she has a beam of eight-feet which makes her a stable platform.

Like older Whalers, she features the center control console, although the windscreen has certainly been updated and rounded.

Versatile, she can mount a 200-horsepower engine or if you're not that ambitious, you can run her all day long on a 115-horse four-stroke engine, which shows the versatility built into this lin.

220 Outrage

A brand-new addition to this line, the 22.5-foot Outrage can still be easily trailered to wherever you want to have some fun.

And, whatever type of fun you are looking for, whether it's just a day of fishing or a day of high-speed skiing and wakeboarding, you'll find it as the 220 can mount the standard 225-horse four-stroke Mercury Outboard or you can equip it with the 300-horse Verado(r) for the ride of your life.

One thing you'll notice about this model is that she can be turned into whatever type of craft you'd like. It all depends on the amount you're willing to spend and what you want to do.

In standard trim, she still has the center console for the skipper, although it is rounded and big enough now to hold two people behind the acrylic windshield.

With a beam of 8.6-feet and a dead, dry weight of over 3,000 pounds she does draw a little over a foot of water, but still that's a fantastic option for a boat that can do anything from fishing to partying to cruising.

250 Outrage

With the 250 Outrage, you can see where Whaler is headed. It is making a move toward deepsea fishing with a deep-V hull and reinforced, rounded walls that remind you more of the cigarette than the Whaler9

Yes, she still mounts the center consolt, but now that console is becoming a cabin with twinned seats for the skipper and co-pilot and a real windwhield and enclosed instrument console.

At 25-feet with a nine-foot beam and a foot-and-a-half draw, plus 5,500 feet of dead weight this is not little lake boat. Its deadrise at the transome is 22 inches and bridge clearance with the hard top is 8-feet-9.

The 250 can carry up to 12 and can mount a 450 horsepower engine with a minimum engine class in the 250-horsepower range. This craft is made for some serious adventuring whether it's fishing or island-hopping.

With a built-in head, she carries 26 gallons of fresh water and 175 gallons for fuel. Its top speed should be in the 80-plus zone, easily.

280 Outrage

Another award winner, there can be little doubt that Whaler is headed toward the closed cuddy as the 280 outrange shows.

In standard trip, she is still very Boston Whalerous with a central steering and control area, but one that is built for more than one and a small cabin under the hard top.

At 28-feet with a 9-foot-4 beam, she is a stable handler, especially when you look a the deep-V hull.

She's no lightweight at 6,100 pounds and she does draw 20 inches of water but this model does mount a radar at 10-foot-1 and can carry 14.

The standard powerplant is a 600-horsepower four-stroke, although the 450 can handle her, too.

Fresh water capacity is 28 gallons and she is rigged to carry 6.5 gallons of waste.

She'll go a long way on a 200-gallon fuel tank but at $3.43 per gallon, it will cost a small ransom to fill up, however we suspect anyone who can run one of these will afford it.