Intrepid Cuddy 400 Review

Although cuddys are defined as any craft with an enclosed cabin, there are cuddys and there are cuddys like Intrepids 400, which the manufacturer believes is a new generation of cuddy cruiser. It features a stepped hull.

Further, the Intrepid is broad-beamed and yet it still feels like a lightweight. Even with its broad beam, which you would think might slow it down; the Intrepid will plane at about 25 knots and has a top speed of just over 55 knots (65 mph). Its broad beam makes it so stable you may be tempted to try it in seas where you should put into port. Still, if you do get involved in some heavy seats, the 400 will handle small to medium chop easily.

Unless, of course, youre running into the teeth of a gale (where youd likely either have already pulled into safe harbor or, if you havent, youre running stern to the wind at full throttle to keep control; you cant let nature take control and let your Intrepid get knocked into a broaching position because all youll be doing the next time a large wave hits from the side is saying goodbye), the Intrepid 400 Cuddy can handle most small to medium chops easily, even taking on some larger seas, although if the seas are heading toward 15 feet, we think it best to moor where its safe. Still there are those whose taste for adventure would lead them to try 15- or even 20-foot seas and we frankly dont know the answer to that type of boat-handling. If you do try that feat of daring, make sure your emergency radio markers are working.

One thing we found about the Intrepid 400 Cuddy is that it handles well, especially in calm water. It feels quite well balanced and will handle low speeds where the engine is just idling along quite nicely, as well as high speeds where you are racing to get somewhere (though why youd want to use up that much gasoline as most stern-drive engines will go through about three-gallons-per-hour on a high-speed run is beyond us).

Intrepid has done some nice work with the its 400 Cuddy. You can order it with your own custom paint job. That paint job also includes any hatches or panels you may need. For example, if you plan to use it as a dive boat, youll find the dive hatch is the color you ordered.

The Intrepid Cuddy 400 also includes a full array of electronics. The electronics are pod-mounted and it swings out of the way when its not needed.

The extra-large cockpit invites outdoor activities in nice weather such as water skiing or tubing or, if you have extra time, youll find time to have a nice meal above deck. The helm is center-mounted and access to the cabin is beside the helm.

Once you have gone below into the living space you will find the Intrepid 400 Cuddy features twin staterooms. You can use this type of boat for a quick daylong fishing trip or, if you are on a more leisurely schedule, you can use it as your floating hotel/motel as you explore the areas you are traveling through.

It is quite a versatile craft that will handle anything you may choose to do.