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1. History was in the making2. There would ever be as many lines as there areThe history is the fact that the Whaler was the first almost V-hulled craft (a novelty in the early 1960s) with two smaller runners at the side for stability. The result was that the Whaler was not only a weatherly craft (she was good in rough water), but she was also to be one of the lightest-draft vessels afloat.It took years of trial and effort before the developers got the panels and resins just right and before they figured out that using the wonder plastic theyd chosen for their craft took a tad more work to use than they thought, but, nonetheless, they persevered and by 1965 the unsinkable Boston Whaler line was successfully launched.In time, it became one of that areas largest employers before they were purchased by one of the true marine giant, a company that could take the Whaler name and make it a household word, Brunswick Marine. And, while many of the jobs they created drifted south with them, the Boston Whaler lives on today, only who would have known it would have become as large or as varied as it has.It is true that there are only five lines in the Whaler lineup but it has become a very wide lineup, indeed, stretching from the low end Sport series to the high-end Conquest lineup, comprising somewhere around 15 or more models, some of which you would be hard-pressed to tell were Boston Whalers.The model lineup, which will be described in subsequent pieces includes:* The Super Sport* The Montauk* The Dauntless* The Outrage (their marketing name)* The Conquest (there is no accounting for marketing taste)As you might have guessed, the lines run from the very basic (runabouts, tenders to the very expensive models that you would be hard-pressed to tell were Whalers, but they are) and so here is the famed unsinkable Boston Whaler line. By the way, they still all draw ridiculously little amounts of water.