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It continues to due so in four major categories:

* 18-30-foot Sport Boats* 24-37-foot Sport Cruisers* 30-51-foot Sport Yachts* 52-61-foot Yachts

In the Sports Boat category, Sea Ray offers a variety of bowriders, cuddys, and bowriders that are equipped with wakerider transoms and skiing transomes.

The Sea Ray Sports boat series offers 19 different models.

The Overnighters are cuddys hat are deep-Vee hulled craft tha can handle berthing for two and when they are being used as skiboats they can handle six to eight passengers in this role.

Intererestingly these craft are, like those of other manufacturers, really based on the same basic hull and options. The key is the way they are equipped. For Example the 235 Weekender is a cuddy with a seven-foot beam and 25-foot length.

Its option chart reads like one you might find in an auto dealership, except that you are dealing with a motor craft.

The 235 Weekender offers a front cabin that will sleep at least two and a small head. There are five choices of stern drive powerplant, including a diesel.

There's also a small galley area and an outside table option, if you want to eat out of doors.

She can easily handle skiing or fishing chores, if that's your choice.

The list for this model goes on, as it does for the rest of Sea Ray's Sports Boat series.

This series includes bowriders that mount a wakeboard riding transom, as wslell as a ski transom.

If you want a model more suited toward this type of action you'll want to look at the 260 Sundeck which has four V-8 sterndrive options and which also mount a wakeboard/skiing transom. You'll also find there a rear swim platform that can swing out and a ladder you can use to get on board.

There are so many choices in the Sports Boat seires that you will have to contact your local Sun Ray dealer for more information. They also have a very large presence on the Web.

The top-of-the-line bowrider is the 30-foot 300 SLX whose overall length with its rear swim platform extended is slightly over 32 feet.

A deep-Vee Hull model, she can carry 10 or more passengers and she features up to 600 horsepower of skiing or wakeboarding power through dual V-8 engines.

She carries up to 130 gallons of fuel and does draw over 3 feet of water so you do have to remember to pull up your stern drive if you want to get closer to the beach.

We could go one but with 18 models to choose from, this would be a daunting piece. We've chosen some examples to give you an idea of what Sea Ray has to offer.