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The 170SC is available in three configurations:

The SC Side ConsoleThe WS Windshield offeredThe BT Back Troller

If you order the SC, you will find the helm is on the starboard side of the sleek, high-prowed aluminum craft, while the WS features a full windshield. The BT is just a basic aluminum craft with a space for tiller steering at the rear, only in this case the tiller is also the engine.

Small and wide, the Xpedition series should be a very stable platform in all weather. The Xpedition, the company has noted, is its direction for the future where all of its, the DLX and PRO lines as well, will be very wide. The Xpedition series is 90 inches wide and 17-feet long. For a 17-footer this is a very wide beam and not only gives you more room in which to move around, it will be stable and it will handle quite nicely.

In addition, this model should be able to handle a number of engine configurations from an electric trolling motor to a 75- or 100-horsepower four-stroke outboard. In the case of the larger outboards, it's likely you will find them installed on the SC or WS models.

The Xpedition line is not inexpensive, either. Its base price is $21,473 for the very basic BT model, while SC adds $6,000 to the price. And though it is an aluminum craft, it is a heavyweight coming in at over 1,000 pounds. Despite its weight, though, the Xpedition line is still lighter than many other aluminum models on the market with a high prow and raised port and starboard sides.

As for stowage, the front seat hides a not only stowage space but also a refillable fish tank and there is also a storage compartment at the bow for storage of the battery for an electric motor.

If you order the SC version, the skipper's position is at the right and there's a small windshield that will help break the wind it does help to keep the skipper warm while the left-hand seat passenger will be exposed to the wind. On some brisk fall or spring days, your passengers may find they become a little numb, unless they are appropriately dressed. The skipper's chair is a high-backed captain's style seat as is the left-hand passenger's seat.

To the rear, Princecraft has thoughtfully added a second fish storage tank (refillable and oxygenated), plus there are two hideaway seats at the stern so that four can use the boat in comfort, especially if you order the model with the full windshield. Then the wind is really cut down and it is warmer back there.

Princecraft is a sister company to Whaler as it is owned by Brunswick Marine and, as you would expect, the engine options are, like the Boston Whaler lines, Mercury engines. There's a wide variety of powerplants available from a humble 40-horsepower model (which actually should be more than enough power for any activity, unless you plan some high-speed skiing to a 115-horsepower engine. That engine will cause the 17-footer to do some serious planing at relatively low speeds. There's even a turbocharged engine available.