boats cleanup

However, if youre like 99.9 percent of the rest of us, boat ownership involves lots of quality time with your craft, whether its a:

* Pram* Skiff* Motorboat* Motor Launch * Working boat* Fishing boat* Tugboat

As noted, if youre like most of us who dont have vast sums of disposable income we can plunk down to have someone else do the work for us, were going to be involved in preparing our boats for storage.

Actually, if you think about it, you can take this in stages and, rather than stressing over doing this at this time or that at that time, you can take your time and concentrate on an area and when it is checked off your list you can move on to another area.

Indeed, thats probably the first and most important thing to do, sit down with a legal pad and figure out the logical steps you will need to prep your boat for storage. If you do, youll probably find it looks like this:

1. Itemize list of things to be done2. Look at list of things to be done3. Set an order of priority4. Do the work by the priorities you set

For example, if you look closely at your boat youll probably find this is the way you have to work.

1. Gather all personal items2. Go through lockers and storage bins looking for personal items3. Go through main deck bins looking for personal items4. If you have a day-sailor or overnighter, go through each stateroom to find personal items5. Sort the items into plastic storage tubs and label them6. Store them at home

Your next set of chores involve the craft itself.

1. Check the engine to make sure it is running correctly2. Check the charging system to make sure it is working correctly3. Check the oil levels4. Check and clean all of the brass and bright work on your craft5. Clean and wax all of the wood. Or, if you prefer you can oil all of the woodwork above and below6. Clean (as in scour) any heads and make sure the chemical systems are working correctly7. Remove any sheets, blankets or pillows and place them in storage tubs. Cover the bedding with plastic8. Swab the decking blow decks to make sure it is cleaned and if it needs a wax or oiling be sure to do it. Also, make sure any cabinets or storage space is also cleaned and waxed or oiled throughly9. Clean and/or polish all the portholes and glasswork10. Remove any marine electronics and store them in a safe location. Never let them sit in a craft that is about to be stored as they may disappear. This includes DVD and other entertainment gear

Finally, your list will be near the end and its time to make sure that you run down the gas tank as far as possible and then bring it to the storage yard.

Yes, it is true, unless you are born with several silver spoons or other fine eating implements in and around your mouth, theres a lot of sweat equity involved in owning a craft. No one ever said there wasnt. However, if you do the work, youll be rewarded in know that this part of the storage process was completed correctly.