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Using a medium-V hull because she really isn't made to carry more than eight. Five of the eight are meant to sit in either the rear bench seat of the one of the two swiveling captain's chairs. Those chairs can be reversed so you or the skipper can talk to the guests in the cockpit.

Note the ID of this small boat -- SF or ski and fish. This means that this Bayliner model can happily troll for hours on the optional electric trolling motor that is available for the bowriding section.

If you opt for the trolling motor, you will also find that a special fishing chair and rod holders are also included in the package. This means you can crank this baby up to 1 or 2 kts and just put along, either station keeping or moving with the current as you try to find the elusive holes where the small mouth or large mouth bass are hiding.

With the proper discipline you can also use this to try to outwait your river or fishing hole's archetypal fish. That's the fish who is reportedly three times larger than the largest trout ever seen and it has been lost by more anglers than MacDonald's or Burger King sell hamburgers.

Every body of water seems to have just that type of fish and, who knows, maybe the silent trolling approach is the one that will work, rather then using the stern drive idling along at a low and slow rate of speed. The stern drive's prop will honestly make too much noise and any fish that might be attracted to your special fly or lure will be on the other side of the lake faster than you can say idling motor.

An 18-footer, the 184 SF is a stable platform that, as noted, uses a medium-Vee hull and nearly an 8-foot beam. This means that when you are just trolling along, the boat is as solid as a stone.

Indeed, if you want to use suntanning platform at stern of the boat as a casting station or use the back end of the cockpit, you can easily do so. Landing fish -- unless you are a sports angler who throws them back when the fight is done (some sports anglers debarb their hooks) -- is easy thanks to the rear swim platform.

The 184 SF has four stern drive choices available two sixes and two eights, all of which can easily have the 184 planing for skiing, although not waverider option is avaiable. There also a sun screen available forthe cockpit.