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If you are looking for an excellent lineup of rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIB), its just as easy to go to the start and look at what they are offering right now.

If you look at the Avon Inflatables website, you can see right away that they are the leaders in what they call jet rib tenders. Or, to put it into language that we can all understand, they are offering RHIBs with jet drives. That theyve been doing it for many years they claim 50, but, unless theyre talking about either standard Zodiacs or other inflatable designs, its a real stretch because the first RHIB really wasnt developed until the late 1960s and our math still says thats not 50 years ago, quite yet.

And, they werent originators or the RHIB as the design was first patented at the UKs Atlantic College in a program that was run under Adm. Desmond Hoare. The program doubled as the areas lifesaving unit, as well.

Still, if there is a General Motors of the RHIB world, it would likely be Avon because they were the first to develop a commercially viable RHIB, known as the SeaRider and now offer a line of rigid hull inflatables under the SeaSport name.

One thing they can claim to be true is that the jetdrive tenders they develop are pretty much all handmade and because they are labor-intensive to build, the manufacturer can keep pretty close track of the quality control of their units. Thats why the SeaSport line is probably the best on the market.

No, its not the only RHIB on the market; its just the Rolls-Royce of RHIBs.

Its also interesting to note that many people still think of an inflatable boat as either Zodiac of Cousteau fame or as a life raft or lifeboat of movie fame. In reality, the Avon line of tenders is in use in harbors around the world not only in tender service but also in policing and military duty. Avon does make a line of life rafts, as well as their RHIBs, though.

For 2012, the Avon series of SeaSports includes:

* Jet 330* Jet 380* Jet 430

After looking at them, we can say, they certainly do look like RHIBs, but, not only do they retain their heritage, they still look like modern planing motorcraft.

Avon also makes what many consider to be the Rolls-Royce of life rafts as well. It would stand to reason that they make some of the finest safety and rescue equipment in the world because theyve had nearly 50 years of honing that skill in the North Sea oil fields.