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Bayliner bowriders include the:

160 OB170 OB175 BR180 OB185 BR195 Discover215 BR235 BR

Its fishing boat line incudes the 184 SF, while its cuddies include 195 Discover and its deck boats include the 197 SD and 217 SD.

Bayliner tops its offerings with a full line of modern cruisers which range in price from $61,000 to $160,000.

The cruiser line includes the:

245 SB255 SB266 Discovery285 SB315 SB335 SB

Bayliner's lineup is powered by either a transom-mounted Mercury Outboard or an inboard, stern-drive.Stern-drive engines, which now must be four-stroke if they are for sales in the U.S., range from 260 horsepower to 300 horsepower.

All of their craft take advantage of the latest in materials development so that they are very versatile and can handle anything that is thrown at them.