boat bayliner235br

It's little wonder,too, as this is a bowrider that can carry up to 11 passengers on a craft that's nearly 23 feet from bow to stern on an 8-foot-6-inch beam.

A very deep-Vee model, weighing in at almost 2 tons, she still draws only three-feet of water fully loaded, which is somewhat of an achievement when you think that with its wakeboard transom the 235 BR still has maximum bridge clearanceof 8-feet-four, meaning that you can get under some interesting bridges without asking the tender to raise or lower the draw, unless, of course, it's high tide and the clearance is only 6 feet. Then, you're likely to have about a two-and-a-half foot problem that no amount of stern drive power can get you through.

It's then that you'll have to develop a bit of patience and wait your turn in the parade of craft that are heading out or returning through the draw.

The 235 is meant to be a high-speed cruisingcraft as its seating is comfortably wraparound, hiding some skillfully placed stowage. The bow area can carry up to four adults comfortably as they access the plush seating through the hinged middle section of the sleek windscreen.

If you are planning a day of skiing or wakeboarding, you'll find the

The front low-boy captain-style seats can swivel around so you can talk with your guests and the wraparaound rear bench can car up to five in comfort. There's also a removable table available for drinks or lunch in the cockpit area and there's more than enough stowage so that everthingcan easily disappear.

the 235 BF featrues a redesigned suntanning cushion just before the stern-mounted swimming deck. There's even a hideaway ladder built into the bow for swimmers.

The skipper will find full controls, as well as a premium sound system that is MP3-player ready. There is also a full array of engine gauges for full engine information. It is a nice layout.

Finally, there's a Bimini sunshade for those days when you want to spend it on the water and the sun is blazing down. It's nicley fitted.

If your are planning a day on of skiing or wakeboarding, you have the transom option available, of course and four different stern drive engines available that will have your $44,000 235 BR planning easily and maneuvering smartly.