boat bayliner185

Its line of Bayliner bowriders for 2012 confirms that. If Bayliner puts the designator BR on one of its models it means that the craft is a bowrider and that means the drive is a stern drive and not an outboard.

That's the case with the 185, an award-winner, that, believe it or not, offers different configurations and packages, as well as differing color choices. You might say this is a line that has a little something for everyone.

For example, if you just want a more standard bowrider where you can relax with friends and let your passengers relax up front, you can order a pretty standard package that offers through-the-windscreen access to two bow benches located up front.

One upgrade to consider is the swiveling captain's chair that lets the skipper do a 180 to turn and talk to friends in the rear bench seat as well as the front seat passenger. That seat also swivels so you can talk.

If you are into sports, though, you can order a Sports Package that allows you to mount a wakeboard tower as well as a swimming platform off the stern of the 185 BR. You can also use the same platform as a minideck where you can mount a small table or chairs and sit back there talking. It's up to you.

This is a bowrider that's meant to carry people and maneuver as it does have a deep-Vee hull. She can carrup up to eight and is 18 feet overall. Like the others in this line she has a beam of 7-feet-6 and draws 3-feet of water so you do have to be careful just how close to land you take this $20,000 stern drive craft.

The 185 BR has offers several four-stroke, fuel-injected stern drive options that let this small boat plane quickly and remain at speed. The engines range from 135- to 220-horsepower.