boat bayliner160

A bowrider is a smallboat with a centrally mounted control console, usually on the right, an features an open bow area.

The 160 is equipped with two bench seats/matresses that you can use for pleasant conversation when you are anchored or for catching the air while you are cruising along.

Access to the bow area is through the center of the curved windscreen that is hinged for easy access.

The cockpit of the 160 OB contains the skipper's seat as well as a front passenger's seat.

A rear bench completes the cockpit.

Just astern of the rear bench is the transom which mounts the 160 OB's powerplant, either a 60 or a 90-horsepower Mercury outboard. There are three versions available, two 90-horsepower four-stroke engines and a 60-horsepower unit.

All of the powerplants are four-strokes so that they meet the rules published by the Environmental Protection Agency to help clean up emissions. Two-stroke marine engines, where the oil and gas are mixed, are no longer allowed.

The Three powerplants are fuel-injected and are compliant with California Air Resource Board rules which means they can be used in any areas of the country. New England, for example, has styled its air rules on the CARB plans so if it qualifies for CARB it can be used in New England.

Priced at about $13,000 with all accessories, including trailer,

Options include a waterproof MP3-Ready AM/FM Stereo, as well as a skiing tow pylon. If you are anchored for a day of swiming and it's hot, Bayliner offers a retractable awning/sunshadethat also should offer some protection in foul weather.

The 160 OB is a 16-footer that can acrrry up to five people. She's intended for an afternoon outing or a fishing trip as she's not equipped with galley, berthing or head facilities. With a 7-foot beam she is a stable platform for fishing or skiing. Fully loaded she draws about three feet of water so you do have to be careful about where you take her and her usable fuel is about 17 gallons.

The 160 OB is a moderate Vee hull.