boat 390prestiqe

Jenneau has taken modern styling to heart on the 390 S as the smooth lines are rounded and wind-cheating. The line of the passenger cabin flows to the curved, sloping pilothouse windshield with its sliding curved side windows and lengthened, aerodynamic roof.

Surrounding the sleek deck is a steel rail and small catwalk that extends down a short way to establish a nice line for the hull. The hull, itself, has three portholes and a larger window in the lounge area to the stern.

Though made in France, the Prestiqe 390 S is available in Canada. As you would expect of today's cruiser, it is easy to use and performs excellently. Because it is actually built in Europe, its lines are distinctly European, and they are surprisingly affordable.

The 390 S is one of Jeanneau's smaller bodies. It is a member of the Express line and while it is 39-feet-long, it has a 14-foot beam. Its body is lean.

The sunpad is large and quite comfortable and at the stern you will find a teak swimming mount that leads to a covered dining areas. The swimming pad, by the way, can be raised or lowered electrically by flipping one switch that also opens the cover to a very large stowage area. This is also how you access the engine and drive section of the 390 S so accessing this area is pretty easy.

Once you've boarded the 390 S, you'll find that the stern dining area leads to a completely covered cockpit. Access is through a large glass hatch located toward the stern of the cruiser. Interestingly, the stowage area that you open via the switch is also within this enclosed area. The only area that is open to the weather is the stern dining area. Interestingly, you can also drop the rear window so the entire stern area is easily available from the cockpit.

One thing you're sure to like about the 390 S is the fact that it either uses sliding glass or electrically driven glass so you can button up quite quickly should the weather turn foul. All that's left out there is the small dining area at the stern.

The living quarters are quite simple. The main living space is L-shaped and the long bench finishes up with a reclining back which gives you additional sleeping space. The interior also includes a small refrigerator, just to the rear of the skipper's seat, as well as a refreshment area in one corner of the cabin, which also contains a kitchenette.

The cabin also features a full-sized master stateroom with full head facilities. There's a second, smaller stateroom to the rear that is equipped with two small beds and a reading area.

The control layout, according to various boaters is simple, yet quite nicely done. All of the controls for the skipper are well thought out and nicely laid out so there's a minimum of reaching to find something.

The powerplant consists of a pair of 4.2-liter Cummins diesels that crank out 320 horsepower apiece. This system can be controlled by the AXIUS joystick-controlled propulsion system that makes maneuvering quite easy.

Cruising and planing speed for the 390 S is a very reasonable 28 mph with a top end of just over 42 mph and fuel use of about 19 gallons per hour.

One of the things you'll like about the 390 S, despite its $475,000 price tag, is the fact that this is the only craft you'll likely ever need and if you are into traveling, you will save a bundle as it not only serves as your transport but also your hotel.