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At 20-feet, using the same basic hull design as the rest of the series, this 20-foot-6 deep-Vee bowrider was designed from the start to be a performer. With an 8-foot-two-inch beam she is stable and with 35 gallons of fuel avaiable for her stern drive.

Whether your passion is waveriding or skiing, the 215 BR is up to the task as it mounts a waverider tower that also doubles as the sun cover mount as Bayliner offers an optional convertible top that snaps into place and keeps your back form baking.

The 215 BR has a whole lineup of strengths that include:

* A new sunbathing mat just aft of the plus rear bench seat. * Rear bench seat extensions that let your passengers put their feet up and face you for conversation.* Swiveling captain's chairs for the skipper and front passenger that lt you sit to face your rear passengers.* New fishing pole mounts.* New boarding and ski stowage.

And, speaking of stowage, Bayliner has increased the amount of side stowage in the front bowrider area as well as the number of mats available for sunning or just sitting.

There's also a new rear swimming platform.

At $35,000, the 215 BR is no price lightweight, but it offers a deep-Vee hull so that you can your passengers can take full advantage of the power offered by the 220M and 260M 4.3-liter V-6 and 5-liter V-8 fuel-injected powerplants.

Capable of carrying nine passengers, their gear and goodies, there's plenty of storage subtly hidden in the bow area, as well as holders for wave riding and skiing gear if you have the wave riding bracket installed.

The 215 is no lightweight and she definitely sports a deep-Vee hull so she will plane quickly and easily. Her 35 gallon tank should give you an afternoon of full power skiing or wake boarding, although we have found that at time it does pay to cut back on the throttle a bit to keep fuel usage down so you can stretch the time you have available on the water.

At Almost 20-foot-six, she is a little large for a motorboat. At the same time, though the length works with the 8-foot beam to give you a highly maneuverable bowrider. Again, the loaded draft is in the three-foot range so you do have to watch your swings by the shore or you could end up in an embarrassing situation with a high-performance skiboat that's all prettied-up and stuck with no where to go, unless you get lighten her enough quickly to get her afloat again. the fiberglass body is pretty touch and impervious to anything but a huge rock or ledge.