boat 200captiva

Rinkers Captiva 200 MTX is a very deceptive craft. A bowrider, the Captiva also boasts a faux tri-hull it looks something like a pontoon craft of Whaler, but it really isnt; its what our grandfathers would have called a Q-Ship, a ship the looks like one type of vessel, but is actually something else but it is really a deep-V performance craft. In other words, he 200 MTX attempts to be one boat for many people.And, the interesting thing is they pull it off quite nicely by having two stylish bow cushioned seats with arm and backrests that are quite comfortable.The kicker to the MTX, though, is the wakeboard tower that swings over the helm position and which can be used as the anchor point for skiing or boarding. In other words, this is a bowrider with an attitude. For example, the wakeboard tower is set so that it is less obtrusive than other more noticeable wakeboard towers that handle the same function.Indeed, thanks to the placement of the tower the skipper actually has better visibility from the helm. The tower is actually a cantilevered device that is stern-mounted.That the MTX has an attitude is also evident from the manufacturers use of a 220-horsepower 4.3-liter MerCruiser sterndrive. Yes, they might have chosen a smaller engine but, given the boats relatively lightweight, this engine is relatively thrifty in its fuel use, where a smaller engine would actually be using more fuel to hold a given speed.This is one of those counterintuitive things that can leave you scratching your head until you realize that the engine/boat combination is matched quite well. Recent reports about its handling ability show that the 200 MTX is an excellent boat for a pleasant afternoon of swimming or entertaining, while it is also a great performance craft. The sterndrive powerplant and relatively lightweight of the 200 MTX makes this an excellent performance craft as it planes easily at speed (30 mph or better) and can handle either a skier or a boarder.The 200 MTX can carry up to nine passengers easily and will handle any task thanks to the deep-V hull and the powerplant. Indeed, when it hits rough water it is able to power through it as the hull can take the pounding of the rough water while the engine can power right through it.On calm water, the handling is a pleasure as the MTX easily handles like the powerful pleasure craft that it is.