boat 175br

Like the 170, the deep-Vee hulled 175 BR carries seven although she is slightly longer, at nearly 18 feet, her beam is still the same seven feet of the 170.

The 175 BR is aimed more at the cruising crowd than the fishing crowd as her maximum loaded draft is just under three feet and she planes quite easily.

Indeed, this model has led fiberglass motorboat sales for eanearly a decade and it has been redesigned for quieter ride. Further, she's a stern drive, now, offing 3-liter fuel-injected four stroke engines that offer about 135 horsepower.

With this type of performance available, you can use the 175 BR for an afternoon of serious skiing or wakeboarding. The stern drive planes easily and maneuvers quickly and surely around any body of water. At nearly 18 feet and a seven-foot deep-Vee hull she can handle just about any chore.

Yes, you can still use it as a trolling boat if you are into fishing, as the 12-volt trolling motor opition is available, but so is a wakeboarding tower as well as an extended swimming platform in the rear and a rear, foldup swimming ladder.

Like the 170 she is capable of holding taking on seven passengers and is quieter than she has ever been. She even offers electronic controls.

For extra sunny days there's an optional sunroof available that should also help you to keep out of the rain for a time as you get to port should the weather turn foul.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced, stern-drive bowrider that can handle anything from trolling to skiing to wakebo\arding then the 175 BR is the small boat for you to look at.