2012 Boston Whaler 320 Outrage Review

When you frist look at the 2012 Boston Whaler 320 Outrage Cuddy Cabin you really do have to look twice to see if it's really a Whaler of something else.

However, when you look closely at it, there it is, right in the middle of the boat, the famed midships console. It's just that the rest of the craft has changed so radically.

First, there's the dual-framed and supported hard top and then there's the dual fishing towers that can be installed on the hardtop and finally there's the radome.

The console, itself, has remained pretty true to Whaler tradition in that there is only an acrylic windscreen for the skipper but unless your passengers are ridingon the rear bench seat or in the front passenger seat, then they'll likely be below out of the weather so they won't bothered if there's a blow going on outside. We suspect, though, that if there is a real blow going on that the 320 Cuddy in port, laying out of the weather.

It's just that the design of the 320 Outrage Cuddy Cabin has more twists that a snake and so it has taken us a while to figure it all out. For example, just aft of the skipper's fully electronic console panels and windscreen, there's a fully equipped small hideaway galley area and refigrerator. Whaler calls this theL-lounge and there's also more lounging space forward of the console near the cuddy hatch.

Once you're gone below you find the deep-Vee hull allows you to have deep side cushions that quickly slide down to set up as two cabin berths are available for overnighting.

Overall from what we've seen of the layout and after studying it closely, we can say this much: it's confusing because the 320 Outrange Cuddy Cabin doesn't know if it wants to act as a cruiser or a fisherman as here are enough fishing pole holders to keep a small army of anglers.

As 32-foot, 9,000-pound cuddys go this one is quite good. She can haul nine around in comfort and her 10-foot beam means peoplewon't be tripping over one another.

Deep-Vee hulled (23-degree deadrise at the transom), her overall transom angle is 15 degrees.

The shallow draft and wide beam make this a very stable craft, however, you can use it for skiing or even waveriding if you have a mind to do it because she planes easiy and has a top speed in the probably close to 55 mph. Then again she should easily do that becaue her power range is 400 to 600 horsepower.

Interestingly, she's built for outboard use. We put her price somewhere in the $50,000 range. Her performance easily matches that.